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Enslaved & Ole Hamre gig at the Tall Ship Race 2014 in Bergen

On Wednesday (23rd) first ships arrived in Bergen’s harbor and the concerts with them. Whole center is now occupied by ships, merchants and even more people. Busses have no entrance to Bryggen and… Continue reading

Arch Enemy – Garage 9th of June 2014

UPDATE (24th of July) – Photos from the gig are HERE ————————————————————————— Today in Garage you can see and listen to Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy. With a new vocalist they will… Continue reading

Special sites on the blog / update – January 2014

Hello all! As you may see, up the banner you can find few extra pages. The active and updated are: About, Blastfest 2014 & Gigs and festivals. Bergenfest 2014 update is coming soon. Use… Continue reading


  Having signed with Dark Essence Records for a further two albums, Norwegian Black-Folk Metallers GALAR have been ensconced in Bergen’s Conclave and Earshot Studios with…

Satyricon in Bergen. Hulen / September 2013

One of the most recognizable and important black metal band in the world will come to Bergen in Autumn this year. On the 12th of September Hulen club will host this Oslo duet… Continue reading

Bergenfest 2013 day one – 12th June – schedule and tickets info

Hello there. Today short note about the first day of the upcoming fest – the 12th of June 2013. Festival concerts will start at 18:30 (doors open from 18:00) with American punk-bluegrass musical group… Continue reading

Behemoth’s 2013th US tour cancelled – Inferno had appendectomy

Behemoth tour in USA is cancelled due to health problems of band’s drummer Inferno. As Polish rock press TERAZ ROCK informs, Inferno had an appendectomy. Band informs that some European fests will be… Continue reading

Bergens Musikk Facebook and Twitter accounts

Hi, If you are reading my blog, you may be also interested to follow me on Facebook and / or Twitter. Things there and here may not always be the same 😉 My… Continue reading

U.D.O. will play @ Garage in Bergen

At 16th October 2013 you may have the opportunity to see and hear Hard Rock Legend U.D.O. in Bergen / Hordaland live. Band will perform at famous Garage Club this autumn. U.D.O. is… Continue reading


Bergen’s Black Metal band Taake will have their 20th anniversary celebration in their hometown. The gig will take place in Det Akademiske Kvarter on 3rd of May 2013. Hoest’s band will start the show… Continue reading