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Satyricon in Bergen. Hulen / September 2013

One of the most recognizable and important black metal band in the world will come to Bergen in Autumn this year. On the 12th of September Hulen club will host this Oslo duet… Continue reading

Bergenfest @ GARAGE / metal gigs

Bergenfest 2013 is not only Bergenhus. Things happen in other parts of the city aswell. This time my favourite club here – Garage. Club is hosting Bergenfest for two days. Today and tomorrow… Continue reading

Behemoth’s 2013th US tour cancelled – Inferno had appendectomy

Behemoth tour in USA is cancelled due to health problems of band’s drummer Inferno. As Polish rock press TERAZ ROCK informs, Inferno had an appendectomy. Band informs that some European fests will be… Continue reading

Taake – 20th anniversary gig at Det Akademiske Kvarter – REVIEW

Both – review and photos are property of Erica McConnell – used here under her permission. This is her first post here. Thank you very much for this material \m/ The concert was… Continue reading

Rock & metal as a business? New book about the possible cure for today’s economy.

Would you like to read about the possible cure for today’s companies? In the biggest newspaper here – Bergens Tidende I found an interesting article about the rock / metal band which can… Continue reading

HULEN in May – Paul Dianno vs Blaze Bayley

In Hulen Club you can have fun with Iron Maiden music in May. On 2nd May to be exact. Two Maiden singers are coming into this town! Oh yeah :] Blastphemy Production AS… Continue reading

U.D.O. will play @ Garage in Bergen

At 16th October 2013 you may have the opportunity to see and hear Hard Rock Legend U.D.O. in Bergen / Hordaland live. Band will perform at famous Garage Club this autumn. U.D.O. is… Continue reading


Bergen’s Black Metal band Taake will have their 20th anniversary celebration in their hometown. The gig will take place in Det Akademiske Kvarter on 3rd of May 2013. Hoest’s band will start the show… Continue reading

Garage Bergen – what is goin’ on in the next two months

Hello 🙂 In one of well known clubs here (there will be a separate post about Garage) you can hear a lot of good musical stuff. The Garage club you can find on… Continue reading

Enslaved 2012

In “Into The Grave” 2012. Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden, Holland