Ghost @USF 2013 – photo review

After over a month of silence here you have a bit of goodies from me. This gig took place here in Bergen / Norway on 30th November 2013 in USF. Two other bands had their shows as a support – Dead Soul and Night. Their gigs were quite pleasant and professional. If you like heavy metal and QOTSA defenitelly this is your stuff. After both concerts we could pray to Satan for the proper support of all GHOST members. The Horned One didn’t sleep and the ritual created by those Swedes was brilliant. This young band knows how to play a concert, how to make a show, how  to create atmosphere. The grotesque in lyrics, image and music strengthens the fun and pleasure of all fans on the gig. Yes – I was pleased in the most unholy way.

Here you have SETLIST and few photos from this Celebration.

Masked Ball
(Jocelyn Pook song)
1. Infestissumam
2. Per Aspera ad Inferi
3. Con Clavi Con Dio
4. Stand by Him
5. Ritual
6. Prime Mover
7. Secular Haze
8. Here Comes the Sun
(The Beatles cover)
9. Year Zero
10. Jigolo Har Megiddo
11. Satan Prayer
12. Death Knell
13. Genesis
14. If You Have Ghosts
(Roky Erickson cover)
15. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
16. Monstrance Clock

Playlist for you with the set from Bergen:

At the end I wanted to thanks Bergenlive, Bergen Backline, PS! team, Peersen Production AS, USF team and all bands.