Belgium attack – Enthroned on Bergen’s Blastfest

As you can read on the official site of the festival:



The legendary black metal band ENTHRONED was formed in Belgium 1993. Since the debut, all the way to their 9th album, ENTHRONED has always nurtured their amazing live reputation.

2014 markes the 20th anniversary of their first demo, and we welcome them to their FIRST EVER show in Norway!”


Enthroned are:

Nornagest – Guitars (1995-present), Vocals (backing) (1995-2007), Vocals (lead) (2007-present)
Neraath – Guitars, Keyboards (2000-2004, 2009-present)
Phorgath – Bass, Vocals (2006-present)
Menthor – Drums (2012-present)
ZarZax – Guitars (rhythm) (2013-present)



Promo 94
Demo 1994
Scared by Darkwinds / Longing for the Ancient Kingdom II (Split) 1994
Prophecies of Pagan Fire (LP) 1995
Towards the Skullthrone of Satan (LP) 1997
Regie Sathanas – A Tribute to Cernunnos EP 1998
Hymns to the Fallen II (Split) 1999
The Apocalypse Manifesto (LP) 1999
Promo 2000
Demo 2000
Hymns to the Fallen III (Split) 2000
Armoured Bestial Hell (LP) 2001
Carnage in Worlds Beyond (LP) 2002
Goatlust EP 2003
XES Haereticum (LP) 2004
Black Goat Ritual (Live in thy Flesh) (Live album) 2005
Tetra Karcist (LP) 2007
Pentagrammaton (LP) 2010
Obsidium (LP) 2012