Satyricon gig in Hulen Bergen – review and pictures / HÆRFERD OVER NORGE

Hi! after over 2 months of silence. I was quite busy at work, so I can only apologize. Now – lets start!

As you all know (if not, now you will) Norwegian band Satyricon released a new self-titled album on September 9th. They also started the tour called Hærferd Over Norge which had its beginning @Opera in Oslo and the second show was hosted in our beautiful Bergen. In Hulen Club. On 12th September 2013.

Norwegian tour poster 2013

Norwegian tour poster 2013

Doors @Hulen were open at about 9:15PM. I was for the first time at Hulen, so this is what it looks inside:

First corridor

Second corridor

Empty stage and mixer

Merch with very nice person behind the table

Show was to start at 10:30PM, so I had quite a lot of time to spend my money. I bought some merch stuff (“cheers!” to very nice lady from the merch!) and alcoholic beverage from local brewery for a very decent price.

Short after 10:30PM we heard a deep drum pulse. Voice of Shadows begun (and Satyr was playing the guitar)! I do not remember the whole setlist (guess why) but they played for sure these tracks (the order is not exactly the same as on the gig) this is the whole setlist:

Voice of Shadows

Hvite Krists Død

Now, Diabolical

Black Crow on a Tombstone

Our World, It Rumbles Tonight

Nocturnal Flare

Walker upon the wind


Ageless Northern Spirit

The Infinty of Time and Space

The Pentagram Burns

To the Mountains


Mother North

Fuel for Hatred


Maybe someone will post the correct set on

I had a lot of fun just like people around me, as I saw. Satyricon played most of my favs (no song from “Rebel…” though and Tru Og Kraft wasn’t on the setlist either). Show was over about midnight.

ALL PICTURES WERE TAKEN BY ME. If you want to share (despite the not so good quality), please link to this post.

I didn’t record any clips – I was there for fun, so – sorry 8).

Now at the end some info:

Hulen is a nice place and not expensive (46 kr for a beer is nice). It has own atmosphere.

Ticket for that gig cost 300 kr. I bought a tour t-shirt (250 kr), flag (90 kr) and an wristband (50 kr).

This tour promotes Satyricon new album – Satyricon.

You can buy it easily in Apollon / Bergen for … 149 kr as I remember (ltd ed.).

Here are more pictures from that show: Photographer Jarle H. Moe

and one with me on it:

from Rights owner is Photographer Jarle H. Moe

from Rights owner is Photographer Jarle H. Moe



SATYRICON PROMO PHOTOS (from unofficoal fanpage)

At the end I wanna thank the club and the band for the fantastic show! This energy eruption was exactly what I needed!


more photos – JONAS J. EIAN

VG review


More photos and next review:

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen

Made by Oddbjørn Steffensen