Mark Knopfler in Bergen 2013 – Bergenfest

What I can write… I was pretty tired. I was sleepy. Lazy. And yes – stupid … maybe.



Anyway – I heard last three songs from this gig, and belive me – response was really great! I couldn’t take my camera with me (hard to work with it), so I used what I had.


Keyboards – Mark Knopfler / stage after the gig

Drumset – Mark Knopfler / after the gig

SETLIST from the gig (12.06.2013 / Bergen, Norway)

What It Is
Corned Beef City
Cleaning My Gun
Father and Son
Hill Farmer’s Blues
Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)
Gator Blood
Postcards from Paraguay
Speedway at Nazareth
Telegraph Road (Dire Straits)

Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits)
So Far Away (Dire Straits)

Brothers in Arms live video from the fest.

I really enjoyed this 20 minutes. I am not a big Knopfler fan, but hearing and seeing master on the stage… With dedication to Magdalena.

[Mark Knopfler’s photo from the main blog page taken on Bergenfest 2013. Author -> Jarle H Moen –]