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Jørgens Sandviks Permanent Vacation is a fantastic bluesband which have punch and style. The band plays awesome blues with feeling for improvisation. If you like live music, you shouldn’t miss this evening. The repertoire consists of Jørgen’s own songs and classics from such as John Mayall and Peter Green prototype.

Jørgen is best known as the guitarist of the Real Ones. He has also participated in the recordings with Kaizers, Sondre Lerche and of course Sigrid Moldestad. The quartet is Jørgen on guitar and singing, Anders Bitustøyl on bass, Jan Petter Myklestad on percussion and harmonica and Ivar Bjørnestad on drums. Anders Bitustøyl is a popular musician who has played with Karin Park, Sigrid Moldestad and Morten Abel and others.

Support: “Jonnys Airport” – cool guitar music by Jonny Berven, known from Bastard Son of Buddha.

Tickets: NOK 120
Doors open from 21.
Start 21.3o