Aeternus – new LP and new basist

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There are information from the Bergen’s band Aeternus. First, as you probably may know on 23rd March 2013 the band released his seventh album titled …And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth. Conclave and Earshot (Bergen’s studio) with Bjørnar E. Nilsen are responsible for the production. You can hear a sample here:

Aeternus is a Bergen’s band (how could it be different here?) and is playing since 1993. Band’s style name is dark metal. The LP is to buy in music shops and on iTunes. The tracklist:

1: There Will Be None
2: …And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth
3: Spurcitias
4: Ruin And Resurrect
5: The Confusion Of Tongues
6: Hubris
7: Reap What You Saw
8: Saligia
9: The Hand That Severs The Bonds Of Creation
10: The Spirit Of Illumination

“Dark Sorcery” (Bonus)
1. Black Dust
2. Victory
3. Raven and Blood
4. Nordlys (Instrumental)
Aeternus …And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth is released by Dark Essence.

Actual members are:

Ares – Guitars/Bass & Vocals
Specter – Guitars/bass
Phobos – Drums

If we are by the musicians, there is another news. On 10th of April 2013 the band announced a new bassist. Here is the official statement from the band’s page written by Patricia Thomas:

Norwegian Dark Metallers AETERNUS announced today that KRAKOW frontman and bassist Frode Kilvik, who had recently played on stage with the band for their appearance at this year’s Inferno Festival, would be joining as full-time bassist.  As is so often the norm with bands, his role with KRAKOW, the band he co-founded in 2005, will remain unchanged.

Frode Kilvik by Kristoffer Øen

made by Kristoffer Øen

Quotation from Patricia’s page:

“Fan-filmed footage of AETERNUS on stage with new member Frode Kilvik at Inferno Festival 2013 can be seen below or at ”